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The spell is all around this is my time...

Deep in my heart there´s a place...

11 December
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So hard to speak about oneself...so...maybe you should just try to get to know me. I think I´m a somehow strange but open minded person and I love getting to know new people. Those who already know me will know what I mean talking about being "strange" I guess.
There are two things in my live I could not live without so maybe I should mention them here.I couldn´t live without all my loved-ones and especially not without music. Music and all that comes with it has in some ways changed my live and I´m still thankfull for that and will probably always be. Music made me meet the most wonderful people in the world and made them part of my mentioned loved ones. So...thank you for being there ...all of you...
And thanks to those rare genius minds who are able to put all my feelings into music and make me feel understood.